Friday, September 30, 2011

Party Pictures

Here's what the room looked like right after everything was set up, but before the room flooded with guests. The tv/dvd player were ready to go for the world premier of the Indelible book trailer and the podium was set up with everything Lani needed to work the crowd- candy, give aways, and the excerpt from Indelible that she read for the crowd.

Here's what the refreshment table looked about 5 minutes before the party started. By the time the party was in full swing, the refreshment table was fully stocked and overflowing. A big thank you to everyone who brought goodies to share. Our refreshment table rocked. My favorite part, besides the chocolate: the orange and lemon slices floating in the punch bowl. Mmmm, it made the water taste sooo good! There's nothing quite like a Corona orange (that's right, Florida, I'm lookin' at you!)

These are t-shirts from what I'm naming The White T-shirt Brigade. These awesome girls came up with these sayings themselves, and they're so awesome it makes me want one myself. They were incredible supporters, both with their shirts and their enthusiasm. You know who you are, girls, and you rock!!

Here on display we have the necklace Yara wears, filled with pankurem, to protect herself from ghosts. Also on display are two keys, which feature in Indelible.... although I'm not saying how. You'll have to read and find out. Personally, I'm overjoyed about these keys. I happened to find them at the last minute and I just had to have them. I knew nobody at the party would get the reference, but I know what happens in the book and I love holding these keys. It makes me feel like that excited kid from Galaxy Quest. "It's all true! I knew it I knew it I knew it!"

The selling post, where you could buy both Intrinsical and Indelible. I've seen book stacks like these at signing parties I've attended for other authors, so seeing it for Indelible gave me this fan-girl-like glee that I could barely contain.

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